Love Letter to Life 06.27.2022 Gutsy and Humble

Dear Life, Authentic, Gutsy, Kind, Generous, and Humble, all living under the same roof? Yes. The critic, Yackity, says, “NO!” He is the big voice of NO, blocking new ideas and creative flow, interrupting friendships and generally causing chaos and disharmony. I recognize his disruption as not healthy. How to deal with it? Lead him out of the room (of my brain) before he’s made a mess in the house. When he gets out in front of me, be responsible for cleaning up what he’s left behind. Live life fully, write, paint, draw, collage. Always have a broom handy. I keep one at my front door.
I’ve become an expert in sweeping!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage with Typewriter Ornament 06.22.2022

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