Love Letter to Life 07.03.2022 , Food, Art, and Scrabble

Dear Life, I stay hinged to the planet through small acts of connectedness and creativity. Bringing food to friends gives me great pleasure. I learned this action of giving from my Hungarian Tank mother, who at 92 years old, still gives food to relatives and friends. I also make art. Non-edible but nourishing for the Soul. Here is a photo of the large Vision Board I’m creating on my studio wall. Each day I add a new image that broadens the possibilities of my future. Dream-making. This makes me happy. Today I’m out the door with a pot of Turkey Chili headed to a friends house for lunch and Scrabble.
Gotta nourish the Mind. I am a Scrabble maniac!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Vision Board and Art Supplies July 2022

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