Love Letter to Life 07.04.2022 Quiet Fireworks

Dear Life, It is Independence Day. This has many meanings and rituals attached to it throughout the USA. As a child, it meant hopping on the back of my Uncle Steve’s pick-up truck to watch a lively parade in Bridgeport, CT. Afterward, we’d go to his house for a picnic, the grill sizzling with hot dogs and hamburgers. We played lawn games and ate until we burst. At dusk, we all went to Fairfield Beach for the fireworks. I loved the excitement of it all. Now this day means enjoying the spider mums in the studio that are the image of fireworks and joining friends at their house for dinner. I acknowledge the freedom and independence of my life with gratitude. Fireworks are quieter but still firing within me!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Fireworks in the Studio 07.04.2022

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